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Things Abu Dhabi Does Better in Summer

Abu Dhabi is turning up the heat, and we've got the lowdown on all the amazing things this city does better during the season.

Unwind on serene beaches or hop between stunning islands. Brace yourself for numerous thrilling adventures, both indoors and outdoors. Immerse yourself in art and culture, and explore iconic destinations like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. And let's not forget retail therapy in Abu Dhabi's unbeatable shopping scene.

From beachside bliss to heart-pounding excitement and cultural exploration, here are top things we believe Abu Dhabi does best in summer:

Beach days

Abu Dhabi's beach days? Pure bliss. Countless beaches offer crystal clear waters and sun-drenched warmth. But there's more. The stunning surroundings add an extra touch of magic. Enjoy delicious summer treats and drinks by the beach or dive into thrilling water sports and endless fun. It's a summer paradise that's hard to beat. Get ready for sandy toes, a radiant sun, and unforgettable memories!

Pool vs. beach vibes?

The choice is yours. Abu Dhabi's got you covered either way! Dive into the azure waters of local beaches or opt for the vibrant energy of poolside lounging.

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Hold onto your shopping bags, because Abu Dhabi's retail scene is the real deal! We're talking about a retail paradise that's more impressive than a fashion runway strut. Get your summer wardrobe ready with an incredible selection of both local and global brands right at your fingertips. Take a break from all that shopping cardio and refuel at delectable eateries scattered around expansive shopping venues. Treat yourself to the perfect blend of fashion, fun, and fabulous food in Abu Dhabi.

World-class entertainment

Art & Culture

At the heart of this captivating city lies the iconic Louvre Abu Dhabi. This museum immerses visitors in a timeless journey with its breathtaking architecture and a collection that spans civilisations. From renaissance masterpieces to Islamic art, the exhibits weave together a global narrative of human creativity. Engage in workshops, enlightening lectures, and captivating performances. Prepare to be amazed, inspired, and forever transformed by this cultural gem.

Escape to summer stays
Book a stay in Abu Dhabi during the period of May 1st to September 30th, 2023 and enjoy incredible savings in the form of a free extra night.