101 Abu Dhabi Do's

Explore our list of 101 things to do in Abu Dhabi this summer!

Get ready for a sizzling summer in Abu Dhabi with our hot list of 101 things to do - The 101 Abu Dhabi Do's’. Whether you're here to soak up the sun, dive into some adventure, or just chill with your family, we've got something for everyone.

Browse the list and get inspired for your summer trip to Abu Dhabi!

#35 Experience the flying aces

Feel your pulse race as you fly through the world’s highest rollercoaster loop at speeds of up to 120kmh.

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#47 Draw and paint at Louvre Abu Dhabi

Bring out your artistic talent at a soothing drawing and painting session at Louvre Abu Dhabi. Let the creative atmosphere of The Museum inspire you.

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#66 Experience French Riviera vibes

Soak up the sun and savour the luxurious amenities at Saadiyat Beach Club, where every moment emits elegance and relaxation.

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#36 Discover Italy in Abu Dhabi

Step into the Italian zone at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, which brings the charm and flavours of Maranello to the heart of the emirate.

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#69 Wander underwater at Seaworld

Gear up for SeaWorld Abu Dhabi's Seaventure walking tour, where you'll explore the wonders of the ocean and encounter fascinating marine life up close.

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Connect with nature and wildlife

#88 Be scene on Yas Island

Experience the epitome of nightlife luxury at WHITE Yas Island, where VIPs, music fans, and late-night partygoers come together. 

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Abu Dhabi after sun down

#80 Seek luxury for a wardrobe change

Take laps of luxury around The Galleria Al Maryah Island, home to the finest high-end brands. 

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One summer in Abu Dhabi isn't enough!
Experience the endless summer delights of Abu Dhabi, from thrilling adventures to relaxing beach getaways. Find your pace and plan your holiday, your way!