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9 adrenaline-fueled activities in Abu Dhabi

From experiencing the stomach-lurching speed of 240km on a rollercoaster to testing your limits at over 200km/h on a Formula 1™ race track, these high adrenaline activities in Abu Dhabi will create lifelong memories. Create lifelong memories with activities that give you an adrenaline rush like scaling the world’s tallest indoor climbing wall and freefalling in the world’s tallest indoor skydiving flight chamber. If you’re looking for an Abu Dhabi adventure on your next holiday, check out our definitive list...

1. Riding the world’s fastest rollercoaster

Is it worth it to go to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi? Absolutely, yes! The world’s first Ferrari-branded mostly-indoor theme park, perfect for family adventures, showcases more than 20 exhilarating and educational rides and attractions. The only time you’ll be outside in the sun is on board the Formula Rossa – the world’s fastest rollercoaster. Go from 0 to 240km/h in 4.9 seconds while soaring to heights of 52 metres!

2. Climbing the world’s tallest indoor climbing wall and freefalling in the biggest indoor skydiving tunnel

If a day of freefalling and wall climbing sounds good, you’ll adore Clymb™. A fully indoor facility, this geometrically designed building houses a flight chamber spanning 10 metres (32 feet) wide and 25 metres (82 feet) high.

Whether you're a first-time ‘flyer’ as young as three years old or an expert skydiver, flight instructors ensure a fun and safe experience, making this one of the best places to visit with family. Clymb™ also boasts unique climbing experiences. Beginners can enjoy a range of friendly wall options, while more advanced climbers can push their limits at The Summyt™, the world’s tallest indoor climbing wall, towering 43 metres (141 feet) high.

3. Taking a spin around a Formula 1™ race track

Channel your inner Lewis Hamilton at Yas Marina Circuit, launched in 2009 to host the Formula 1™ Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. This impressive mega-budget circuit draws travellers from around the world, winding its way around the gorgeous Yas Marina. The ultramodern race track – considered one of the best Grand Prix circuits – not only offers a captivating racing spectacle, but also extensive year-round professional and grassroots motorsports. Think kart racing at Yas Kartzone, drag racing at Yas Drag Night and racing training at Yas Racing School. So, whether you want to experience the thrill of go-karting with your kids, test the limits at over 200km/h in an Aston Martin GT4 or earn your racing licence, Yas Marina Circuit has all the speed you need.

4. Fat biking down some of the world’s tallest desert dunes

Head out into the world’s largest sand mass, the majestic Empty Quarter, with the luxe five-star Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara being your must-reach destination. Use this plush hotel as your base to discover the Rub’ al Khali desert by fat-tyre bike, soaring through the dunes on a specially-designed bicycle with 4.8-inch-wide tyres that can be deflated to tackle enormous slopes.

If biking isn’t your thing, sandboard down giant sandbanks, enjoy dawn desert walks, discover archery, mountain bike through incredible scenery or trek on horses or camels.

5. Sliding down the world’s first and largest hydro-magnetic powered tornado waterslide

Insane fun and belly laughs are what you can expect at Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi. This Emirati-themed waterpark spans 15 football pitches with over 40 rides, slides and attractions, making it one of the best places to go with kids.

Channel gravity with the world-first, largest hydromagnetic-powered, 238-metre long, six-person tornado waterslide, Dawwamma, or check out the three-metre-high waves on Bubble’s Barrel, featuring the world’s biggest surfable sheet wave for flow boards and bodyboards. The Bandit Bomber, a 550-metre coaster, offers onboard water and laser effects, with riders shooting jets of water at targets, dropping water bombs and triggering special effects. Passersby below can also get in on the action, spraying riders with water.

6. Unleash your inner Indiana Jones on man-made white water rafting channels

Looking for a dose of adventure travel? Wadi Adventure is a fantastic family-friendly adventure park that sits at the base of the majestic and history-rich Jebel Hafit mountain, Abu Dhabi’s tallest peak about an hour and a half away from the city in Al Ain. This action-packed destination is home to the Middle East’s first man-made white water rafting channels, measuring 1,100 metres in length and perfect for rafting and kayaking. It also has a surfing wall, wakeboarding facilities, swimming pool and splash pool. Families and groups of friends will love it here, but it’s also great for team building and corporate events.

7. Exploring Bronze Age ruins in the foothills of Abu Dhabi’s tallest mountain

Immerse yourself in ancient history and incredible landscapes at the one-of-a-kind Jebel Hafit Desert Park in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi’s lush garden city about one and a half hours away from the capital.

Occupying a nine-kilometre stretch at the base of the craggy Jebel Hafit mountain, Abu Dhabi’s tallest peak, you can explore the family-friendly park’s majestic natural surroundings on a hike, mountain bike, horse or camel and uncover fascinating archaeological and historical remains that tell stories of this unique area’s ancient habitation. Archaeological remains include remnants of the Neolithic period from 8,000 years ago, to the 5,000-year old Jebel Hafit Tombs excavated in 1959 at the request of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Founding Father of the UAE.

8. Horse riding on an island wildlife park for a close-up look at gazelle and giraffes

Situated on Sir Bani Yas Island - one of eight islands making up the desert islands of Al Dhafra and home to remarkable wildlife, luxury hotels and historical sites – Sir Bani Yas Stables offers equestrians state-of-the-art horse riding activities and lessons.

You’ll find the stables at the island’s Desert Islands Resort and Spa by Anantara, with gentle 30- to 45-minute entry-level sand-dune rides being perfect for beginners. Bush trail or beach rides – one-hour to one-and-a-half-hour excursions – are ideal for intermediate riders who want to ride along Sir Bani Yas Island’s coastline and enjoy a splash in the shimmering shallows of the Arabian Gulf. The wildlife ride, meanwhile, is a once-in-a-lifetime activity created for experienced riders who can get up close and personal with some of Sir Bani Yas Island’s famous wildlife, including gazelle and giraffes.

9. Picking up speed at the Al Ain Raceway

Motorsports fans will love Al Ain Sportplex’s Al Ain Raceway, home to Arabia’s largest go-karting track. Located in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi’s lush garden city and heritage heartland about 90 minutes from the capital, this adrenaline-fuelled destination hosts major international events, including the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals, the biggest annual event on the global karting calendar. The fully floodlit circuit features three distinctive configurations, providing an exhilarating challenge for drivers of all abilities. Open to the public, speed lovers can hone their skills in top-of-the-line Intrepid-branded rental karts. If you don’t want to race, you can also enjoy cricket, soccer and paintball here, with the on-site Al Ain Heritage and Culture theme park inviting you to step into the past and experience traditional aspects of Emirati life.


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