Empty Quarter

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Was very privildged to be invited to join a trial glamping experience in this historical incredible remote vastness. It exceeded all expectations and i hope their dream to set up a tourist...

фев 15, 2019 jend512018, Напиер, Новая Зеландия

Magical mountains created by soft sand, nice VIP camp arranged by Ajwad travel & Tourism Agency. several activities such as hiking, star gazing, camel riding, sands ski & buggies, VIP tents fully...

янв 20, 2019 jalalmuhsen, Рияд, Саудовская Аравия

If you love loneliness, if you want to feel free, if you want to 'hear' the whisper of the wind, if you have read at least once, but better twice Arabian Sands by Thesiger ..... you can not miss...

мар 11, 2017 Alessia71xyz, Провинция Монца и Брианца, Италия