The District

Organised by Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi

The concept of the one month-long event is to provide the youth, those aged between 14-22, an outlet to not only discover new skills but also a platform for them to receive support and guidance in a variety of areas including innovation, entertainment, technology, fashion, digital media, health, science, nutrition and sustainability to name but a few.
Open seven days a week, the event offers an ever-changing schedule, custom-tailored to the needs of the youth, their interests and skills that they can obtain to use in everyday life.

Designed as a micro-city, The District is divided into 5 different zones – The Alley, The Street, The Block, The Yard and The Park – each with its own set of ongoing activities, educational and innovative workshops as well as special events. In addition to daily excitement and entertainment, special guests and celebrities will also be dropping by The District along with a weekly live performance act, voted by The District’s very own residents. 

Every weekend will feature an additional showcase of guests, both local and international, conducting workshops, classes and informal discussions along with the regular offering.

Programme schedule

The Alley
Let your inner geek out and explore all things tech at The Alley. From robotics, video games, hardware and science labs to time-lapse, demo sessions, murals, skype conferences and models kits, The Alley is the place to create and innovate this summer. Offering a variety of workshops and ongoing events with tech at their core, you’ll be amazed to discover what happens when curious minds meet.

The Street
Head down for a stroll along The Street and watch it come to life with jam sessions, live local bands and DJs, Prof X talks, life hacking, improve and comedy, film screenings, cross-fit sessions, drum circles… you name it! With a multi-purpose theatre featuring special events and ongoing performances, word on The Street is it will be a celebration of life at its loudest.

The Block
Unleash your creative mind and let it wander around The Block. With a jam-packed daily program featuring apparel workshops, art colony, master classes, photography, video & film making, industrial design, graphic and 3D design as well as instrument intros, everyone from the newbie to the pro will find something to get their creative juices flowing.

The Yard
Silence your mind and let your appetite guide you to The Yard, where sustenance meets sustainability to offer you the best possible variety of dishes and treats from some of the U.A.E.’s finest local entrepreneurs. Roaming around The District will get your stomach rumbling for sure and The Yard’s mouth-watering meals are specifically crafted to satisfy everyone’s taste and craving.

The Park
Need to zone out? Look no further than The Park. We get it. A few hours at The District and you’re bound to hit the stimulation overload button. That’s why things slow down (just a little) at The Park, giving you a chance to recoup and refuel before heading out for round 2. Don’t get us wrong, there is still plenty to do but you can do it while chilling and charging your phone, like flipping through a comic book or magazine, table-top gaming, music on-demand, and more.

With so much to do, The District is set to be the coolest hangout in Abu Dhabi this summer!

Programme snippets

Drum Circles (with Dubai Drums)
There’s nothing like a dynamic, powerful and unique drumming experience to unify teams, energise groups and bring people together. Around since the dawn of time, drumming is the oldest form of teambuilding because everyone becomes equal and it quickly becomes apparent that you can achieve far greater things together than on your own.

Cinema in The Sky (presented by Cinema Akil)
Cinema Akil, an independent cinema platform, curates a special programme for The District citizens. Showcasing directors and filmmakers across decades, geographies and genres, Cinema Akil is on a mission to raise awareness and interest in films.

Big Robot Project (with Tomislav Zidar)
Also known as Djuvedj Djuvedjevich, Tomislav Zidar is out to build a Big Robot (a few of them actually); a true labour of love that requires lots of dedication and countless man-hours of work. From concept design to dismantling your used-to-be-favourite tech devices, see it live at The District and find out how you can build one of your very own.

3D Printing (with Makers Builders)
As the popularity of 3D Printing rises, this class aims at igniting the ‘maker’ spirit in youth through hands-on learning of 3D design and printing starting with an understanding of the technologies, processes and materials that make 3D printing possible. Students will also put what they’ve learned into practice through an introductory interaction with 3D design software. 

DIY Robots (with Junkbot)
Using items like plastic bottles, old CDs, wooden spoons or cardboard, The District Citizens will create unique, imaginative robots that can be programmed for a variety of functions – and at different levels of skill. 

Photography (with GPP+)
Part-theory, part-practice and all fun, this hands-on experience by Gulf Photo Plus is designed to benefit newbies and seasoned photographers alike. Topics of the day include everything from snapshots to gear shots, the art of mobile as well as light room basics.  

Creating Genesis (with Chronis Spanos)
Over the last couple of years, Chronis developed a special interest in reshaping the Real, through the use of photography and visual arts, to something new, something abstract with a strong will to experiment and search new techniques, new ways of self expression. He brings his camera, experience and lots of energy to help the Citizens of The District create new worlds through a camera lens.

Painting New Styles (with Sajaya Young Ladies)

The New Styles of Painting workshop will introduce the Citizens of The District to different art formats through which they can unleash their creativity including drawing on light bulbs, doodling on wooden boxes, applying famous artwork through recycling and combining new styles of painting with stencil printing.

Check that Gourmet (with Basiligo)
Play, learn, chill and dine deliciously in between with Basiligo’s tasty, nutritious and affordable gourmet meals and snacks. Basiligo creates and delivers wholesome gourmet food made from the finest and freshest ingredients so everyone, everywhere can enjoy some extraordinary meals.

Acoustic Sessions (with Charlie Rayne)
Charlie Rayne grew up in Lebanon and just recently started to roam the planet and play his wonderful music in other countries. During his youth he was heavily influenced by the music of Bob Dylan and other American songwriters. He uses his strong voice and melodic strumming rhythms to tell stories about love and loss. At The District, he will share his love for the guitar and his knowledge of the instrument.

Home Recording (with Loopstache)
Loopstache is a project that Carl Ferneiné and Salim Naffah started for fun. It consists of producing music, going crazy, and shooting cool videos. The music they produce is a mix of the Electronic and Indie genres. The duo brings their music to The District Citizens in an attempt to inspire and empower young minds to create and record their own music.

The Sounds of Brazil (with Rubra Rosa)
Rubra Rosa in an all-female percussion band, established in 2015 in Lebanon. Headed by Capoeira and dance instructor, Roberta Meireles, the band plays beats from her hometown of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. The girls play a repertoire of Afro-Brazilian rhythms including groovy Samba-Reggae, spiritual Afoxé and festive carnival Samba famous in Rio de Janeiro. The District Citizens will be able to learn percussions and enjoy the Latin rhythms. 

Fashion Served (with Creative Space Beirut)
The good people of CSB believe in exchange, collaboration and creativity. This is an opportunity for like-minded people to get together and share their experiences, perspectives and unique visions, by supporting one another, investing in local talents and promoting each other’s work. 

Urban Plants (by The Grey Gardens)

The Gray Gardens plant studio was created to celebrate all things plants. With an affection towards the bold, we are on a mission to offer a unique solution for introducing greenery to a space. We want to educate the young minds and bring some greenery into their lives. We hope they will carry on the practice in their micro-ecosystems. 

Street Art (by Secret Walls)

A fixture in the global art community for over 10 years, Secret Walls is the World's premier live art event. They have conquered 50 cities around the world, and now it’s all happening at The District in Abu Dhabi. It's an experience that connects the audience to the artist as they watch them freestyle on a large piece before their eyes, showing the process of the work that we are so used to seeing as finished pieces in galleries.

Game Design (with Digital Mania)
In the Beginning of 2009, an ESPRIT student, had a dream. That dream was to create the first video game company in Tunisia. Our padawan, Walid Sultan Midani, had 5 years of experience in the organisation of video games tournaments. Motivated and hopeful, he surrounded himself with a team of dreamers and began their journey. At The District, Digital Mania helps the young guns create their own games and enjoy the journey of creation.

A Talk with India, A Shift in Perspective

5 Young Award-Winning Leaders (Technology/Digital Media, Film, Music, Dance, Creativity) in conversation, their achievements and the key to successfully connecting with the Indian Creative Economy.

Cultural management - how to create a hip hop event? (by DEBO)
Presentation of hip hop cultural management + workshop

Writing and flow (lyrics) (by DEBO) 

Writing and flow technics with a rapper.

The Curious World of Design (with Mirko Ilic)
A co-author of several books about graphic design: Genius Moves: 100 Icons of Graphic Design, Handwritten – expressive lettering in digital age, and Anatomy of design (all of them co-authored with Steven Heller) and Design of Dissent (with Milton Glaser), an award-winner, a true icon of illustration and graphic design, a living legend and an inspirational character, Mirko Ilic, will join us at The District and empower the young minds.

(dis)connected for 48 hours (with Thorsten S. Wiedemann)

Founder and artistic director, Thorsten produces and curates festivals, exhibitions, conferences and workshops on the intersection of independent games, playful media, digital art and games culture under the international label A MAZE. He’s the first man who spent 48 hours in the VR world and he’s coming to The District to share the experience.

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date and time

Thu, Aug 18, 2016 12:00 PM - Sat, Sep 17, 2016 10:00 PM

event location

du Forum, Abu Dhabi

contact info

Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi
Tel: 800 555


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