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  • oftripsandtales, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    “Located deep in the Abu Dhabi desert, the beautiful Jumeirah Al Wathba resembles a Bedouin village composed of sand-coloured towers and villas. Inside, the d├ęcor is a combination of the most refined.......”
  • 433femked, Barberino Di Mugello
    “Wow, what a dissapointment..knowing Jumeirah hotels. When you arrive at the resort, you immediately notice that this is not desert but a piece of land under construcion, only when you look in one.......”
  • Shemaine D, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    “I absolutely loved this hotel, from the moment we arrived the service was exceptional! Teh restaurants were great - if you visit you must do the Arabic dinner... this is the best Arabic dinner.......”