Camel Whisperer

Fatema Al Hameli was born and raised in the desert. It gave her the courage to break boundaries and become the first female camel auctioneer. Even today, after decades of success, she refuses to leave the beauty of her Bedouin home for life in the capital.

Now it’s your turn to discover the unique traditions and awe-inspiring landscapes in our Western Region. Will yours be an adrenaline-fuelled story riding the dunes or an inspiring journey immersed in the Bedouin way of life?

Desert Experiences


Stopping over in Abu Dhabi for a few hours and want a taste of what the city has to offer? Already here and want suggestions for how to fill the next couple of days? Planning your family holiday and want to make the most of your time in the Emirate? Whatever you're looking for, our comprehensive selection of pre-planned itineraries is sure to give you some great ideas...

Emirati Experiences

Looking to explore a more authentic side of Abu Dhabi? Why not check out some of our tailor-made experiences with our friendly local tour guides... from traditional handicrafts and cultural tours to wildlife walks and city cycles - there's surely something here for everyone!

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A Series of Extraordinary Stories

Abu Dhabi is an extraordinary destination with a huge variety of different landscapes and activities for every kind of traveller.

We want to give you a glimpse of these stories through the eyes of real people living in the emirate, real people with real stories to tell. All that remains is for you to tell us... where will you start your extraordinary Abu Dhabi story?

What's #InAbuDhabi for you?

Abu Dhabi is a wonderfully diverse destination with an extraordinary variety of locations, attractions, activities and experiences. From sandy beaches, rocky mountains and lush green oases to world class theme parks, luxurious five star resorts and bustling shopping malls, there is something her to suit all ages and interests.

What kind of traveller are you? Choose from the options below and let us show you an Abu Dhabi that is perfect for you...