Abu Dhabi's best outdoor activities

When the weather cools in Abu Dhabi, everyone heads outside to take part in an array of activities made for the great outdoors! 

Desert camping

Camping in the desert is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Abu Dhabi, especially during the cooler months! Discover much-needed solitude away from the city and experience the magic of the desert as the expansive golden sands of the Empty Quarter revive your soul. Set up your tent under the stars for an experience you'll never forget. Desert camping is like having a sleepover in the heart of Abu Dhabi's vast, quiet sandbox. Remember to stock up on water and your favourite snacks to enjoy while chatting by the fire and feeling the fresh, cool breeze.

Enjoy the great parks of Abu Dhabi

As winter unfolds, Abu Dhabi’s parks bloom with vibrant activities. Umm Al Emarat Park hosts the famous Ripe Market, adding a lively touch to the season. Walk or jog while enjoying the fresh air, surrounded by serene landscapes. Picnics are cherished gatherings for family and friends, offering the perfect blend of nature and community enjoyment during the season.

Enjoy sports outdoors

Elevate your fitness game in Abu Dhabi's outdoor sports sanctuary! Explore top-notch facilities like Hudayriat Island, where cycling tracks, climbing walls and more await. Discover a city that invites you to break a sweat against scenic backdrops, making your workout an exhilarating experience.

Whatever you're into, be it cycling through picturesque tracks or engaging in other various outdoor sports, Abu Dhabi offers an unmatched fitness adventure. Embrace the outdoors, stay active, and enjoy multiple activities that redefine the meaning of a workout in Abu Dhabi.

It's beach season!

In Abu Dhabi, every day is a perfect day at the beach. With year-round sunshine, our beaches are your go-to for outdoor bliss. Enjoy serene coastal beauty, soak up the sun, take a refreshing dip, or stroll along the shore. And if you find yourself at Saadiyat Island's Kai Beach, indulge in a delightful lunch or dinner at your favourite beachside restaurant. It's the simple joys of beach life, embraced across the emirate.

Experience watery thrills

Yas Waterworld isn't just a water park; it's an adventure paradise that transforms your getaway into an unforgettable experience. Picture yourself speeding down exhilarating slides, floating along lazy rivers, and exploring fun water playgrounds. With over 40 rides, slides and attractions, each corner of the park promises a new thrill, suitable for all ages!

But it's not all about the excitement. Yas Waterworld also offers serene spots to unwind and soak in the winter sun. Whether lounging by the wave pool or enjoying a leisurely meal at one of the many dining options, the park makes for a perfect day out.

Venture to Al Ain

Al Ain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers history, nature, and tranquillity. Winter is the perfect time to explore its ancient forts, historic sites and the famous Al Ain Oasis with its fantastic, shaded walkways and old falaj irrigation system. The cooler weather makes it ideal for strolls through this living museum, where history and nature intertwine.

For those seeking adventure, the majestic Jebel Hafit Mountain offers breathtaking views and a thrilling drive. The summit provides a panoramic view of the city, making it a photographer's paradise, especially during the mild winter days. The Green Mubazzarah is a haven of hot springs, lakes, and lush greenery at the mountain's base, perfect for picnics and family outings.

Get out on the water

In Abu Dhabi's cooler months, the Arabian Gulf's calm waters offer a playground for diverse water activities. Explore the city's skyline on a traditional dhow cruise or kayak through serene mangroves. Thrill-seekers can enjoy jet skiing, wakeboarding, parasailing and windsurfing, while families might prefer banana boat rides or a leisurely fishing day.

Luxuriate in a chartered yacht cruise, or dive into an underwater adventure with snorkelling and diving. Abu Dhabi's waterfront escapades are perfect for every visitor, blending relaxation and excitement in a stunning seascape.

Head to a paradise island

For those seeking luxury in Abu Dhabi during the cooler months, a day trip or stay on Nurai Island is a must. This exclusive island offers unparalleled luxury and tranquillity. Picture yourself in an elegant beachfront villa with private pools and panoramic sea views. Indulge in world-class spas, gourmet dining and bespoke experiences. Nurai Island, a short boat ride from Abu Dhabi's cityscape, provides a secluded paradise, perfect for unwinding in lavish comfort amidst the beauty of the Arabian Gulf. It's an idyllic escape for travellers seeking serenity and luxury.

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