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Discover the best eco-tourism experiences in Abu Dhabi

Discover the true spirit of Abu Dhabi, where eco-friendly and sustainable travel will transform your experience of the emirate. Immerse yourself in Abu Dhabi's rich heritage at galleries, museums and cultural centres, and pick activities that support environmental conservation and awareness. Stay in eco-friendly, off-grid accommodations for a few days, or enjoy a rejuvenating nature escape along the Gulf Coast and amidst lush palm oases.

You'll be surprised at how many unexpectedly generous and natural experiences you can have in Abu Dhabi!

Explore artisanal treasures and support local craftsmen

Market days are a highlight in Abu Dhabi, where the local charm shines in the souks. Explore these lively markets to discover handmade treasures. You'll find various items, from colourful Persian rugs and elegant ceramics to traditional weavings, exotic spices, and fresh organic produce. Experience the vibrant spirit of local artisans in every alley and uncover the stories behind each stall. When you shop at these markets, you support local artists and small businesses and take home a piece of Abu Dhabi's soul.

Kayak through an ecological marvel at Jubail Mangrove Park

Take a paddle and glide through the beautiful mangroves of Abu Dhabi. Explore winding waterways in this ecological paradise, alive with a rich array of marine life and bird species. Feel the refreshing breeze as you uncover hidden natural treasures with each stroke. Experience the thrill of the sport while connecting with Abu Dhabi’s dynamic coastal ecosystem and supporting conservation efforts in the park.

Spot endangered hawksbill turtles on Saadiyat Island

Start your morning with a peaceful walk along the blue waters of Saadiyat Island. Enjoy the calm environment as you go. Treat yourself to delicious coffee from the island's various cafes and eateries. Discover the island's wild side for a unique adventure and see the endangered hawksbill turtles nesting seasonally on Saadiyat Island's untouched beaches.

Escape into nature

Discover the Eco Pura Retreat on Jubail Island, a sustainable oasis in Abu Dhabi. This eco-friendly destination combines luxury with nature, ensuring minimal environmental impact. The retreat uses renewable energy and offers organic dining and eco-conscious accommodations.

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Cycle through an oasis nourished by the mountains in Al Ain

Take a bike ride through the lush Al Ain Oasis. Feel invigorated as you cycle among 147,000 towering date palms and a variety of over 100 plant species. You'll see the ancient falaj irrigation system, a working piece of history highlighting Al Ain's rich cultural past. Every turn takes you deeper into a blend of nature and history, offering a tranquil and engaging journey through this enchanting, self-sustaining oasis.

Conquer Jebel Hafit, UAE's second-highest peak

Take on the challenge of Jebel Hafit, the UAE's second-highest peak, and push your limits. As you climb, enjoy breathtaking views of the rugged terrain and the vast desert landscape. This hike is a true adventure, perfect for avid hikers and nature lovers. Reach the top for an unforgettable experience. If you're up for it, camp under the stars or stay in eco-friendly lodges and tents beside the mountain for a night.

Explore the UAE's largest nature reserve

Visit Sir Bani Yas Island, the UAE's largest nature reserve. Experience its stunning natural beauty, home to a variety of ecosystems. See over 17,000 animals roaming freely across diverse landscapes, from mangrove forests to savannahs. Enjoy activities like wildlife safaris and kayaking in clear waters. Contribute to conservation efforts while exploring this spectacular, unspoiled natural area in Abu Dhabi's Al Dhafra region.