If you’re planning a UAE trip without the kids, then add Pura Eco Retreat to your list of places to visit in Abu Dhabi. A first of its kind in Abu Dhabi, Pura Eco Retreat offers the ultimate immersion in nature. Located in a protected area near the Jubail Mangrove Park on Abu Dhabi’s magnificent Jubail Island, this eco-friendly hideaway is reserved purely for adults, guaranteeing complete serenity during your stay.

Pura means “pure life” in Costa Rican, and this is exactly what the owners of this secluded, private retreat want you to experience – rest, relaxation, an endless connection with nature, five-star dining and soaking up the joy of life’s little pleasures.

Accommodation is glamping at its finest. Take your pick from chic eco-domes or native tents, all with on-demand room service. The luxe domes come complete with king-size beds, first-class hand-picked amenities, private bathrooms, outdoor cabanas, fire pits and more, while the tents offer a more authentic experience with king-size beds, public bathrooms, outdoor seating and fire pits.

Surrounded by incredible natural beauty and unique wildlife, Pura encourages you to explore by kayaking through mangroves, fat-biking along the beach or birdwatching. The pristine pool deck offers expansive mangrove views, yoga sessions and the opportunity to simply switch off.

Come visit Abu Dhabi and book your child-free stay at Pura Eco Retreat.