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10 of the best camping places in Abu Dhabi

As a place rich in history, culture and excitement, there’s plenty to see and do in Abu Dhabi. Camping is one such activity that lets you truly explore the beauty of the emirate. Whether you’re looking for beachside, desert or luxury camping, there’s no shortage of places to spend the night under the stars in Abu Dhabi. 

Camping is allowed in Abu Dhabi, however, like with any other outdoor adventure, it's vital to plan ahead and prioritise safety before making the journey. A few things to keep in mind: 

  • Ensure your phone and additional power banks are charged 
  • Pack warm clothes 
  • Check your vehicle’s tyre pressures and fluid levels 
  • Curate a list of food items and plan your meals in advance 
  • Carry all the necessary equipment like tents, sleeping bags, band-aid kit and insect repellent
  • Set up camp in private areas 
  • Place your tent at the base of sand dunes 
  • Leave food out in the open during the night 
  • Use heated equipment inside the tent

The emirate is home to plenty of great spots where you can make the most of a unique glamping or camping experience. Let’s take a look at the ultimate guide to camping in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Glamping

1. Jebel Hafit Desert Park

Escape into the serene sanctuary of the desert at Jebel Hafit, the tallest peak in Abu Dhabi. The Jebel Hafit Desert Park has three different camping accommodation spots on offer, including tents, domes and bubbles. It also provides space for you to bring your own equipment and set up camp in any of the surrounding areas.

2. Bab Al Nojoum

Discover the magic of glamping at Bab Al Nojoum. The destination, located at the Hudayriyat Leisure and Entertainment District, offers a memorable staycation vibe with experiences available at Hudayriyat and Al Mugheirah Resort. Choose from beachfront canvas tents, vintage camper vans, and glamping villas with a pool, garden and picturesque views.

3. Camp Nujum

Experience two days of Emirati heritage at Camp Nujum, part of Qasr Al Sarab by Anantara. The Camp offers a glimpse of Bedouin culture with traditional tents and culinary offerings. There is an itinerary of exciting activities to look forward to like archery, camel trek, sandboarding, falconry and more.

4. Arabian Nights Village

Step back in time at Arabian Nights Village. Choose between four types of accommodation, each with its own tapestry and interior design inspired by traditional Emirati homes. Every stay is accompanied with an array of adventurous activities, which include fat biking, camel trekking and quad biking.

5. Green Mubazzarah Chalets

Soak in views of the mountain range and abundant greenery during your stay at Green Mubazzarah Chalets. The camping spot offers one- and two-bedroom chalets, both of which allow for easy access to the nearby public park, hot water springs and streams.

Abu Dhabi Camping

6. Liwa Oasis

Enjoy a night under the stars at Liwa Oasis, located at the edge of Rub’ al Khali. Known as the Empty Quarter, it is described as the largest area of uninterrupted sand in the world. A camping adventure at Liwa comes with views of unique landscapes, featuring date palm trees and orange-red dunes. Sandboarding and dune bashing enthusiasts can also take advantage of the vast dunes to make the most of the desert experience.

7. Al Khaznah

Immerse yourself within the expanse of Al Khaznah’s stunning sandy dunes. While the desert stretch has been recognised as a great route for off-roading, the camping scene also has a lot to offer. You can pitch your tent at the site near Al Fayah, or make your way to the Desert Rose Bedouin Desert Camp for something more luxurious.

8. Al Wathba Lake Camp

The eco-friendly destination offers a serene contrast between the desert and water, with breathtaking views. Al Wathba Lake Camp is equipped with 13 campsites around the lake, along with 24 picnic sites. The area has on-site facilities for a host of recreational activities, like a cycling track and multiple volleyball courts and playgrounds.


9. Mirfa Beach

Relax to the calming waves and crystal-clear waters of Mirfa Beach. It is situated in the coastal town of Mirfa, a convenient escape from the city. Camping essentials can be purchased from nearby towns before you head to the beach.

10. Al Dhafra Beach

Camping overnight at Al Dhafra beach means enjoying the best of both desert and sea. Tents can be set up on any of the spots across the open area of the shoreline. Make sure to carry all the essential gear for a smooth camping experience. Find the perfect camping spot on the shores between Shuweihat Power Complex and Al Hamra Airport.


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