Al Wathba Lake Camp

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The Department of Municipalities and Transport Abu Dhabi has opened the Al Wathba Lake Camp, which will provide Abu Dhabi residents with one more attractive and safe destination for camping and picnicking. The new Abu Dhabi camping sites surround Al Wathba Lake, with full protection of the natural environment and controlled access to protect and maintain the edges of the lake and its stunning fusion with the desert landscape.

The campsite, a 45-minute drive from the centre of Abu Dhabi, offers a variety of pitch types, including a number of service pitches. The 8-metre wide Gatch Trail pitches are graded and compacted to allow RVs and other vehicles to access the campsites and key areas of the site.

The site features 13 separate campsites with a view on the lake or in the desert, with a capacity of 120 people, with the possibility of setting up tents or using recreational vehicles (RVs) in a breathtaking natural setting.

The camp site also includes 24 picnic sites with dedicated areas for barbecues, and 3,000 square metres of recreation and gathering space for over 500 visitors per day. It also includes fun and recreational and sports activities for visitors, introducing a 1400-metre walking and running path around the lake, a new 1200-metre cycle path pump track - with an activities rental centre, 2 volleyball courts and 7 playgrounds, in addition to a pontoon walk and 2 observation decks to enjoy the panoramic views of the site.

The new outdoor attraction in Abu Dhabi will host commercial activities and utilities such as space for 10 food trucks, cafes, rental services, and provide supporting facilities including parking, first aid unit management facilities, restrooms and waste management, as well as all necessary infrastructure.