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Discover everything Abu Dhabi has to offer to bring you peace of mind. From yoga under a full moon to kayaking through mangroves, be at one with yourself in Abu Dhabi.

Discover the meaning of wellness in Abu Dhabi, a haven of serenity where we've curated immersive experiences to restore your spirit. Here, you can unwind in luxurious hotels that provide a peaceful retreat and indulge in world-class spas promising ultimate relaxation.

Explore iconic locations like Emirates Palace and the breathtaking Jubail Mangrove Park. Whether you're seeking a brief break from everyday life or an extended retreat, there’s an abundance of experiences to choose from, including yoga, kayaking, cycling, and even offerings for the kids. Prioritise your wellbeing within the beauty and calm of Abu Dhabi, your ultimate destination for rejuvenation.

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Yoga under the dome

Indulge in the calm embrace of yoga at Louvre Abu Dhabi. These sessions offer a self-transformative journey within stunning surroundings, led by experienced practitioners Meena Karani and Chaithra Jain. Discover the restorative power of ancient yoga practices and sound-based healing.

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Find calm in the Mangrove forest

Jubail Mangrove Park is a tranquil oasis close to the beating heart of Abu Dhabi city. This sanctuary, with its intertwining boardwalks and serene waterways, offers a perfect setting for those seeking peace and rejuvenation. Visitors can immerse themselves in wellness activities amongst the mangroves, listening to the subtle sounds of nature, practising mindful meditation or partaking in yoga sessions. The park serves not just as a testament to nature's beauty but also as a haven for those looking to reconnect with their inner selves.

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