Beyond Abu Dhabi's futuristic city skyline and pristine shorelines lie a wealth of cultural landmarks and experiences deep-rooted in the emirate's heritage. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque stands to represent the region's Islamic traditions and its foremost message of peace. The Louvre Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat Island is a celebration of art, both historical and contemporary. Outside the city of Abu Dhabi in Al Ain, ancient forts and dramatic landscapes with storied pasts are free to explore.

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Jebel Hafit

Hike through history

Jebel Hafit is an essential destination for any aspiring explorer. Take a hike to soak in stunning views from Abu Dhabi's highest peak or learn of the fascinating stories from the 5000-year-old tombs at the foot of the mountain.

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Saadiyat Island
Culture, creativity and calm
There are so many journeys to take on Saadiyat Island. Lose yourself in art galleries, refuel at coffee shops, soak in the sunshine on pristine beaches and so much more.

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