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THE BRIDGE | Lifestyle Hub is a lifestyle hub and wellness destination established in 2021, which operates with the objective of improving community member’s lifestyles, through a holistic approach to wellness. Located within Al Qana in Abu Dhabi, it comprises of a gym, spa, restaurant, juice bar, nutrition corner, concept store, outdoor activities, arts and culture spaces, as well as social and learning programmes. These elements are centred around seven specialised offerings: Move, Pause, Taste, Choose, Seek, Expand and Learn.

MOVE | Active spaces, including a gym and group exercise. This entails the use of the largest and most advanced gym equipment that are technology-enabled to customise the user experience, which also includes personal training provided by the most qualified and highly certified trainers. MOVE offers over 250 exercise workstations, a semi-olympic 200 metre indoor running track as well as over 30 uniquely qualified Bridgers.

PAUSE | A recovery and restoration program, including relaxation spaces and therapy rooms with Hydro-Oxygen Airpods, Cryo treatment, Infrared saunas and a full fledge spa with a wide variety of science-backed therapies.

TASTE | A culinary arts restaurant that offers a 100% organic artisanal meals aimed towards nutritionist lifestyle fulfilling favourite cravings for many. A cold press juice 'Anti-Bar' that supports the same objective and also creates the new social non-alcoholic bar experience.

CHOOSE | A lifestyle design-driven concept store that offers clean and highly effective productions. CHOOSE carries nutritional supplements, organic personal care products, sustainable athleisure wear and lifestyle accessories that cater a gentle and comfort living.

SEEK | Providing a borderless extension of The BRIDGE | Lifestyle Hub experience through captivating remote natural destinations. SEEK couples the healing power of nature with adventurous and developmental programs where experiences are created to ground bodies and expand souls and minds.

EXPAND | The entire venue will serve as a soul-enriching cultural hub enriched with art, music, film, books, and engaging events. Socialising and workspaces will provide members a community space of their own or a place to gather with others around special transcendental moments.

LEARN | Educational spaces, both actual and digital science-based that will allow members to develop a variety of transformational lifestyle, fitness, and health-oriented skills and practices stemming from deep research and evidence-based science co-created to shift minds. LEARN integrates lectures, documentaries and workshops.