Frequently asked questions about spa and wellness in Abu Dhabi.

A good, legal and authentic massage in the UAE could cost anywhere from AED 100 and up.

Spa treatments are great for unwinding after a long flight or day, releasing muscle tension, and making your skin feel smooth and supple.

There are different types of spas that you can visit:

  • Day spas
  • Eco spas
  • Medical spas
  • Resort spas
  • Club spas
  • Ayurvedic spas

Although they sound very similar, the main difference between a massage centre and a spa is the ambience. A massage centre has a more straightforward setting whereas a spa has all the trimmings from music to dim lighting and soothing scents.

Yes, there are tons of licensed and well-known massage centres you can visit across the UAE. Make sure to research or call and check before booking a treatment.