Frequently asked questions about dining and restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

There isn’t one single dish that is famous in Abu Dhabi; but when you visit, be sure to try the local cuisine available to have an authentic experience, from streetside shawarmas to fresh falafels and karak chai (tea).

Meal prices can vary depending on where and what you are eating in Abu Dhabi. You can enjoy a street-style meal starting from AED 10 - 15 at a cafeteria, and a meal at a regular restaurant would cost you an average of AED 50. High-end restaurants will have a higher minimum spend.

Yes! Food across Abu Dhabi is certified as halal.

You could easily spend between AED 10 to AED 50 on a casual lunch meal.

Dress the way you like! Abu Dhabi has a very relaxed and modern vibe, but yes, since it is an Islamic country you should be mindful of wearing clothing that is excessively revealing.

Make sure to check the restaurant's dress code beforehand as well.