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Spread over three floors, the impressive 5,250-square-metre Abu Dhabi Children’s Library is a state-of-the-art space designed to inspire and entertain the young and the young at heart. Divided into immersive, age-appropriate social spaces, with one including a three-dimensional learn-and-play area, this hidden city gem encourages children to physically immerse themselves in a whimsical interior.

Every floor boasts a different design, with local and international visitors enjoying an open, friendly and inviting space featuring colourful creations inspired by the rich and diverse areas of the UAE.

Funky features include soft faux sand dunes for kids to read on, an oasis with a falaj (ancient irrigation system) flowing with books, and a Book Mountain at the heart of the library. A large and diverse collection of books includes fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, autobiographies and audio-books.

Children are encouraged to talk, perform, play and interact with one another in collaborative, open spaces, with a number of quiet zones offering peaceful areas in which to read and study, encouraging concentration and focused learning.

A dedicated exhibition space has been designed to host exhibitions showcasing works created by children, with displays on offer for younger audiences too. Year-round programmes featuring literature, art, film and music make the Abu Dhabi Children’s Library a vibrant and inspiring cultural hub for all.