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If you’re planning a trip to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turning Point Tourism will be ready to cater to all your tourism and itinerary requirements, including new ideas and suggestions, to create lifetime memories.

Explore a professional golfing holiday with a personal touch to turn your stay into real excitement. When it comes to excursions, there is something spectacular for everyone. From a trip to the mountains, a desert safari adventure and shopping at a souk, to cruising on a yacht, the leisure and entertainment opportunities are endless.

Travel around seamlessly with extensive transport facilities, featuring airport transfers, private and group tours, shopping trips, car rentals and more! All transport provided is equipped with most advanced and luxurious vehicle models, well maintained by dedicated staff.

Planning a destination wedding? From the simplest to the most complex wedding, your wedding occasion is guaranteed to be a memorable one.From private parties in desert locations, to huge parties held on mesmerising beaches, Turning Point provides a selection of unique, classic and offbeat venues located indoors or outdoors.

Turning Point Tourism LLC is a Destination Management Company with an aim to set the benchmark for tourism by transforming it into a balanced package of offerings with the best value for money. Including detailed 360-degree information about exotic and popular destinations and hassle-free travel solutions as well as high-end itinerary services for guests.

Choose from a wide range of holiday and business solutions or options and discover tailor-made packages to fit exactly what you need.