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An organisation built on professionalism, extensive experience and guest-centricity, Desert Gate was a long-sought dream of a visionary who established the company in 2004 as a supplier of the local needs to the top-level tour operators in the UAE. Today, it is a full-fledged Premium DMC, serving all seven emirates of the UAE, Oman and Maldives.

Over the years, the company has been recognised and rewarded for its innovative approach to product design as well as providing top notch service to its guests. A solid financial base complemented with a well-proven, reliable management boasting 75 years of combined experience in the travel industry, Desert Gate envisions to become the number one luxury travel group in the Gulf region, with a plan to expand its services to other destinations that are connected culturally to its home market.

Desert Gate is part of the MTS Globe group and through that partnership has access to the best-in-class technology and cleanest XML feed in the industry. Also, as a traditional DMC, Desert Gate has all you can expect from a first-rate ground handler, such as excellent contracting, creative excursions and superior in-resort service levels.

Desert Gate offers full ground handling service from transfers to experiences and hospitality desks in various locations of  Abu Dhabi. The Desert Safari camps in Abu Dhabi often offer a bespoke and sustainable service to the guests while promoting the local heritage and hospitality.