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Women should face no problems while travelling in the UAE and Abu Dhabi, with the country and city being very safe. In fact, the capital is a great place for solo female travellers, or for women who want to break away from friends and family to enjoy a little me-time at world-class spas, while shopping at luxury malls or charming souks (markets), exploring nature, enjoying watersports, relaxing on the beach or at the pool, taking on an urban city adventure, or dining on fabulous food. Women are allowed to drive and do not need to be accompanied on their travels through Abu Dhabi. 

The police are helpful and respectful, and you can call them at any time if you face any unwanted attention, although this is unlikely as the city is very safe. It is courteous to dress with a little modesty (covering knees and shoulders) when visiting government offices or when in outlying areas where people tend to be more conservative. However, women can wear swimwear and bikinis on the beach and can wear what they like throughout the day, although it’s best to check bars’, clubs’ and restaurants’ dress codes. Bring a pashmina or jacket when indoors as the air conditioning can get cold.

Abu Dhabi is a safe and entertaining place for children of all ages too. There are plenty of parks, some great sandy beaches, and kids’ zones and crèche facilities in all major shopping malls. Of course, the desert is also a great landscape for children to explore, as are the city libraries, cultural spaces and art centres that offer exciting activities and courses.