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Abu Dhabi boasts a warm, sunny climate all-year round. The winter season (December to mid-March) promises perfectly balmy weather with occasional rainfall and an average daytime temperature of 25℃. Summertime (late May to September) sees daytime temperatures soar to a sweltering 45℃ and higher, but this modern city is equipped for the heat with air-conditioning everywhere and plenty of indoor entertainment on offer. While winter, late autumn and spring are ideal times to visit Abu Dhabi if you’re looking to enjoy outdoor fun, like watersports, dune bashing or camel riding, there’s tons to do in the summer too. Think thrilling rides in entirely indoor theme parks, free falling in the world’s tallest indoor skydiving tunnel at Clymb™, shopping at incredible malls, and more. 


Abu Dhabi’s spring season (mid-March to May) sees the temperatures start to rise, with sporadic rainfall occurring in March. It is a great time to visit the capital as it plays host to many exciting cultural events and trade shows.


Winter in Abu Dhabi is from December to mid-March. It is considered a great time to visit the city thanks to comfortable, moderate temperatures and occasional rainfall. The beaches, desert trips and mountain adventures are best experienced in winter.


Summertime in Abu Dhabi (late May to September) sees average daytime temperatures of around 45℃, with humidity levels at 80-90%. Air-conditioning and exciting indoor entertainment, from shopping to art galleries, indoor theme parks and more, ensure you’re never bored.


The autumn season in the UAE capital is from September to December. As the summer heat begins to subside, the milder autumn weather calls for more beach outings and watersports activities around the incredible archipelago, which is made up of hundreds of islands.