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Hospitality and generosity are two key ingredients when it comes to cooking in the Arabian Gulf. For generations, dining has been seen as a communal celebration, with food being shared with a great deal of warmth over a dinner table or, in the early days, beneath the cover of Bedouin tents under a blanket of stars.

Families, friends, groups and solo travellers can still experience old-world generosity, connection and authentic food at Abu Dhabi’s many restaurants, streetside cafes, heritage desert camps, and traditional dhows (wooden boats).

Mina Market

Abu Dhabi's culinary wonders are rooted in its coastal trading history. In addition to global supermarket offerings, food enthusiasts flock to the Mina Market, a pristine haven for fresh sea treasures and other produce. When shopping for seafood, it is encouraged to choose fish wisely to assist with sustainable fishing practises in the area. And for a burst of vibrant produce, explore the Mina Fruit and Vegetable Souk, a fragrant market where sellers showcase their bountiful goods. Capture the essence of these markets, brimming with authenticity and charm, even if you're just there for the snapshots.

Traditional souks

The Emirati cuisine is a delicious fusion of global flavours, thanks to vibrant trade routes. In every Emirati household, the pantry tells a story rich with diverse ingredients that elevate every bite – saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, and more. Explore Abu Dhabi's many traditional souks and discover these culinary gems that shape the local cuisine. From the aromatic spice stalls to the bustling markets, immerse yourself in a world of culture the moment you step in.

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