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There is a reason why Arabian hospitality has such a wonderful reputation around the world. In Abu Dhabi, a city built on the convergence of cultures from around the globe, embracing people is part of the local lifestyle. Having encountered travellers in the desert over generations, the friendly people of Abu Dhabi know how to make visitors feel welcome. The traditional serving of Arabic coffee is one of the best (and most delicious) ways to be welcomed, with the aromatic warm drink and, sometimes, a plate of plump dates welcoming you to your hotel, resort or even someone’s home. 

Much of Abu Dhabi’s charm can be found in its old-world courtesies. Craftsmen will happily share the stories behind their centuries-old work, while camel riders and falconers are always more than happy to introduce you to their cultural sports and incredible animals, giving you a chance to try your hand at their most traditional outdoor pursuits. Henna artists will be eager to demonstrate the intricacies of their art, and the history of a tradition that dates back thousands of years, having emerged as a way to celebrate festive occasions.

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