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The best cheap eats in Abu Dhabi

Who says you need to empty your wallet to savour delicious food? Abu Dhabi has a wealth of affordable delicacies just waiting to be discovered. And with a diverse population of over 200 nationalities, you'll find a range of culinary options to suit every taste. 

We've curated a selection of local budget-friendly favourites to stretch your dirhams to the max. So, why not treat yourself to a dining experience that’s both satisfying and kind to your savings?

Vietnamese Pho

Craving a comforting bowl of pho? Head to Vietnamese Pho on Reem Island. Here, the specialty noodle soup takes centre stage, delivering a delightfully fresh and fragrant broth brimming with your choice of veg or protein. There’s more! Indulge in their fresh and crispy spring rolls, the perfect side dish to your budget-friendly meal. Seeking a satisfying bite pre-dinner without breaking the bank? Try their mouthwatering banh mi sandwiches. Trust us, Vietnamese Pho is a must-visit gem among Abu Dhabi's budget dining spots.

Kopitiam by Chandy’s

Step into budget-friendly bliss at Kopitiam by Chandy's in Abu Dhabi. This culinary gem serves up Malaysian street food that won't burn a hole in your pocket. Indulge in Nasi Lemak and Char Kway Teow that'll knock your socks off! From heavenly flavours to pocket-friendly prices, it's a win-win. Embrace the spice and dive into an affordable culinary adventure with a cosy vibe. Your taste buds, and your wallet, will thank you!

Bait Al Khetyar

Craving a generous serving of soul-soothing comfort food for a great deal?  Enter Bait Al Khetyar, Abu Dhabi's ultimate hidden gem, serving up budget-friendly Levantine cuisine. Kickstart your day with their legendary breakfast spread, brimming with traditional flavours and irresistible delights. And when hunger strikes, their signature shawarmas will hit the spot, featuring succulent meats and tantalising spices. At Bait Al Khetyar, every bite is worth the money you’ll spend here.

Dampa Seafood Grill

Did someone say seafood for a budget? You're in for a treat at Dampa Seafood Grill in Abu Dhabi! This place is a haven for those seeking a wallet-friendly ocean catch feast. Indulge in a mouthwatering array of delights, from succulent grilled prawns to delectable fish dishes. Dampa Seafood Grill invites you to savour a tasty dining experience with prices that won't make waves. So, gather your appetite and set sail on a seafood adventure that promises to satisfy both your cravings and your wallet.

Al Fanar Restaurant

You can't possibly visit Abu Dhabi and not try Emirati food! Al Fanar is the ultimate destination to experience local culinary delights. Enjoy the generous portions that perfectly align with Emirati hospitality. From fragrant rice to succulent lamb machbous, each dish showcases the richness of Emirati flavours. Immerse yourself in the welcoming atmosphere and indulge in a budget-friendly feast at Al Fanar.

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