A relaxing winter in Abu Dhabi

Tune out the noise and indulge in a haven of relaxation and indulgence in Abu Dhabi. Embrace winter's charm with blissful retreats, lavish experiences, and unforgettable memories.

Unwind in Abu Dhabi
Embrace the sun-kissed splendour of Abu Dhabi's winter! Let your worries wash away on the pristine shores, where golden sands play hide-and-seek with crystal-clear waters.
Discover Abu Dhabi after dark
Don't let the nightfall leave you wandering aimlessly. Abu Dhabi gets lit once the sun goes down! Tune into live music, unwind in ultra-chic lounges, and embrace the lively atmosphere that surrounds you.

Retreat to an Abu Dhabi resort

From pristine shorelines to mesmerising desert vistas, Abu Dhabi boasts luxury resorts that define elegance. Experience unmatched hospitality, savour world-class amenities and let the tranquil landscapes soothe your soul.

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A packed winter in Abu Dhabi