Abu Dhabi nights

Feel the city come alive as the sun sets in Abu Dhabi! Indulge in the city’s dynamic nightlife scene, where luxurious lounges, trendy rooftop bars, and world-class clubs offer music, dancing, and unforgettable experiences.

A vibrant bar and club scene
Sip craft cocktails at a rooftop bar, with the city's skyline sparkling like a thousand disco lights. Or get your groove on in top-notch clubs, where DJs spin tunes that'll make you dance all night!
Experience cafe culture
In Abu Dhabi, the cafe culture thrives day and night, enchanting coffee lovers and social butterflies alike. Beyond the city's mesmerising landscapes, a world of unique cafes and roasteries awaits.

Party all night at WHITE Abu Dhabi

Head to the region's number one nightclub and dance the night away to the biggest hip hop, R&B and urban anthems!

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