Dine in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi's vibrant culinary scene features iconic street vendors, bustling markets, and lavish restaurants helmed by Michelin-awarded chefs. Indulge in a new taste every day, from traditional to fine dining delights.

Eclectic fine dining delights
The fascinating symphony of flavours found in Abu Dhabi's fine dining scene is just waiting to be discovered. Delectable options cater to every palate, from fine dining to local gems.
Get a taste for Emirati cuisine
In Emirati cuisine, spices reign supreme, infusing dishes with a captivating burst of flavours. In your exploration of Emirati gastronomy, indulge in soul-nourishing delights and please your taste buds.

Explore Yas Bay Waterfront

Explore a culinary haven at Yas Bay Waterfront where global flavours await, all set against the backdrop of a stunning waterfront ambiance.

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Best casual dining spots

A world of flavours to discover
You’re spoilt for choice in Abu Dhabi. Explore a wide array of dining experiences to suit your taste and budget.

Winter in Abu Dhabi