A cultural winter in Abu Dhabi

Ignite your curiosity and immerse yourself in Abu Dhabi's local culture and creativity. Wander through enchanting artworks, delve into inspiring museums, and uncover vibrant heritage treasures exclusive to the emirate.
Explore Louvre Abu Dhabi
Step into the ultimate artistic realm at Louvre Abu Dhabi and discover timeless masterpieces that tell the story of cultural connections and human creativity through time.
Emirati culture in Al Ain
Al Ain, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is full of tales of Abu Dhabi's rich history, from majestic structures like Al Jahili Fort to the lush Al Ain Oasis.

Cultural experiences in Abu Dhabi

Add culture to your 'must-see' list

Soak in the heritage, art and culture of the UAE's capital with this handy three-day itinerary full of ideas to satisfy any culture lover!

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A packed winter in Abu Dhabi