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With its spectacular blend of urban luxury and natural beauty, Abu Dhabi is a destination of dreams for many. If you've ever wondered how the vivacious Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh would experience the city, we've got you covered. Dive into this 3-day itinerary, showcasing Ranveer's love for the city, blending relaxation with adrenaline-packed adventures.

Day One

Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental

Feel the ultimate luxury at Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental. Spend the morning lounging by the hotel's gorgeous pools and beach. Make this world-class hotel your base for your trip and let the finest Arabian hospitality take care of you. Perfect for those who, like Ranveer, appreciate the finer things in life.


At this time of year, Ranveer loves the perfect temperatures of the sea so make the most of them and get active with watersports. At the Emirates Palace Water Sports Centre, you can find high-adrenaline activities like flyboarding and jetskiing or take it easy with a kayak or stand-up paddleboard.

Dinner at Martabaan by Hemant Oberoi

After an exhilarating day of watersports and leisure, pamper your taste buds at Martabaan by Hemant Oberoi at Emirates Palace for dinner. This upscale Indian restaurant is led by the renowned Chef Hemant Oberoi - India's first member of the World Gourmet Club and a culinary maestro. Book a table and explore his curated menu, each dish a reflection of Hemant's cherished memories from the heart of India's culinary landscape.

Day Two

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Kick off your second day in style at on of Ranveer's favourite spots, the iconic Ferrari World on Yas Island. Feel the rush of wind and adrenaline as you dare to ride the world's fastest rollercoaster, Formula Rossa. Experience the sensation of an F1 race or immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Ferrari through interactive exhibitions.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

Whilst you're on Yas Island, make a stop at Abu Dhabi's newest aquatic attraction, SeaWorld. Be captivated with its marine wonders, from playful dolphins to vibrant birds. Discover the allure that keeps icons like Ranveer Singh returning time and again.

Day Three

Kayaking in the Mangroves

Start day three by exploring the beauty of the Mangrove National Park by kayak. This serene oasis away from Abu Dhabi's urban hustle, comprises nearly 75% of the UAE's mangrove forests and is safeguarded by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi. It's an ideal spot for a mindful row or stroll, especially for young nature enthusiasts.

Abu Dhabi's Desert

Ranveer's love for adventure doesn't end at the shoreline. Get a taste for thrills and culture in the desert dunes of Abu Dhabi. Here, dune buggying is the most popular way for visitors to connect with the vast golden landscape. Post-adventure, it's all about embracing Bedouin with traditional Arabic coffee and savoring dates.

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