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In Al Dhafra, where the desert meets the sea, lies the iconic Mugheirah Bay. Home to a rich selection of retail, leisure and lifestyle experiences, this destination has everything you need for entertainment.

Pull up a waterfront table at any of the excellent eateries and enjoy unmatched views of the surrounding natural habitat. Go on an adventure at the bay’s dedicated splash park or lace up your skates and practice your skills at the skate park. Choose from various sports activities and get your fitness on at multi-purpose courts designed for activities including basketball, football and volleyball.

Bab Al Nojoum - Al Mugheirah Resort, Al Mugheirah Bay is nestled between natural mangroves and ideal for those looking to escape the city, unwind in nature or push their limits with thrilling activities and experiences.

Immerse yourself in entertainment

Whether you want to enjoy high-tech gaming, engage in thrilling laser tag battles, experience the excitement of paintball, show off your skateboarding skills, or simply have fun with family and friends, this destination has it all. With a wide range of options, it’ll be long before anyone runs out of an activity to enjoy here. Come along and experience the ultimate fun-filled adventure at this one-of-a-kind entertainment destination.

Experience fun in fitness

Stay motivated and experience the joy of activity at Al Mugheirah Bay. Engage in fun and energetic team sports at the multi-purpose courts designed for activities like basketball, football and volleyball. Catch your breath at the outdoor gym surrounded by inspiring views of the mangroves, or jump on the cycling track for a scenic route that will help push your limits. Regardless of your fitness levels or interests, you can switch up your routine with various enjoyable activities here.

Savour the flavours

Bask in nature while enjoying delicious flavours offered by exceptional dining outlets on the bay. Home to 15 F&B venues with varying culinary offerings, there’s plenty to sate your taste buds with here. Enjoy your morning coffee while strolling through the mangroves, catch up with friends and family over brunch or treat yourself to a well-deserved scrumptious dinner following a full day of activity and adventure. Catering to all tastes, no one will leave the bay unsatisfied.