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Lose yourself to nature and find serenity at Mamsha Al Mugheirah, where a world of natural discovery awaits. Along the expansive boardwalk between the surrounding natural mangroves, you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the turquoise sea and its inspiring landscape. Embrace exciting encounters with local fauna that inhabit the area, such as the black heron and dugong, and learn more about Abu Dhabi's local wildlife and ecosystem. Set between The Bab Al Nojoum – Al Mugheirah Resort and Mugheirah Bay, this boardwalk invites you to an immersive experience of the natural beauty in Abu Dhabi's western region.

A sustainable vision

Mamsha Al Mugheirah is a distinct development demonstrating Abu Dhabi’s commitment to sustainable tourism. Designed to conserve and protect the natural mangrove habitat, this boardwalk development also provides visitors with an immersive and educational experience in the critical role of the natural ecosystem. Featuring educational centres and observation towers that allow visitors to learn more about the local flora and fauna, Mamsha Al Mugheirah enhances awareness and appreciation of the importance of the conservation and preservation of nature.

What to do at Mamsha Al Mugheirah

Take a walk on nature’s side, discover a variety of ecosystems and spot wildlife unique to the area. Mamsha Al Mugheirah’s coastal setting and breathtaking scenery make it ideal for a morning or afternoon stroll. Rejuvenate your senses on your walk with nature, then head to Mugheirah Bay, just off the boardwalk, for a bite or drink before calling it a day.