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If you're looking for a warm and authentic Emirati dining experience, this is the right place. Yadoo's House, which means ‘grandmother's house', is a charming and inviting restaurant where friends and family can come together in true Emirati-style.

Inspired by family traditions and Arabian hospitality, this welcoming eatery pairs nostalgia with contemporary style, serving a feast of Arabian flavours to suit all palates. Providing a warm and intimate space that encourages guests to create life-long memories, Yadoo's House is located behind Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi, close to Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

The menu includes traditional Emirati dishes, such as majboos (mildly spiced pilaf-like rice, often served with chicken), salona (traditional stew using chicken, lamb or seafood) and kofta (meatballs), although you'll also find pasta dishes and sandwiches, as well as a well-considered kids' menu. If you're a seafood fan, definitely try the lobster or sea bass. Those with a sweet tooth will want to save space for kunafa, a traditional Middle Eastern dessert made with thin noodle-like pastry or fine semolina dough soaked in sugar-based syrup and layered with cheese and nuts.