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Abu Dhabi's first exclusive home supper club has finally arrived! The Cucina Supper Club promises to be a feast for the senses with impeccable presentations, flavour profiles and carefully crafted dishes made only with the finest ingredients. Most importantly, everything will be served straight from oven to island as the home kitchen sets the stage for an intimate experience with great company, because food tastes better when shared amongst friends.

An expat born and raised in Abu Dhabi, Milad considers the UAE his home away from home. Known for his zeal for life, he is a food enthusiast who has always maintained the need for a place where new experiences can be shared. Tired of waiting, and along with his wife and high school sweetheart, Milad opened up his kitchen to welcome, and share his passion with like minded people searching for something beyond what is commercially available. Cucina Sul TeTTo is about sharing our passion with others.

About new experiences and the possibilities, they bring. About generosity without waste. About celebrating the finest ingredients and the efforts of those who sacrifice much to bring them to the table. But most of all, it’s about people, and the magical way food brings them together.

Booking methods:

- Group bookings of 8-12 people, please reach out directly through one of the contact channels to book a private event
- For smaller groups and other bookings, please contact via one of the contact channels to inquire about spaces for upcoming events
- Price: 175 USD - 250 USD per person depending on cuisine (includes 15-22 course tasting menu, premium water and drinks)