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The menu at Talea by Antonio Guida - 'Cucina di Famiglia' which means family-style cuisine, draws on Guida’s distinctive culinary alchemy and interpretation of classical dishes that are traditionally known and cherished by many households across Italy.

From its famed ravioli, handcrafted carbonara and other pasta to artisanal pizza, the freshest salads and antipasti, creamy and irresistible burrata, ossobuco - stewed veal shanks in meat sauce and vitello tonnato - the summer dish of chilled veal in tuna-caper sauce that forms an indispensable part of the Assumption Day feast in Milan, the gastronomic delights of Talea fuse the traditional techniques of Milanese classics with an innovative edge to present a tantalising interpretation that is the signature trademark of Guida.

Helmed by Guida’s protégé Luigi Stinga, Talea features a highly-curated selection of seasonal and authentic Italian products served in an elegant, yet casual atmostphere.