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A menu inspired by Lebanon’s coastal cuisine, the Lebanese Terrace Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental, Abu Dhabi is where traditions and exquisite flavours come together, surrounded by the captivating beauty of the Palace Gardens. The interior design features olive trees, and stained-glass windows, which recreate a traditional Lebanese terrace.

The two-storey restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating areas that accommodate up to 90 and 130 people, respectively. Carefully curated Levantine dishes by talented Lebanese Chef Gilber Sakr reflect the rich culinary heritage. Enjoy charcoal-grilled meats, seafood platters and mezzeh. Using the freshest ingredients, Chef Gilber prepares dishes such as Hummus Bel Habak, Cabbage rolled with Castaletta, Kafta Bel Habak, and Ashta Bel Moukasarat daily.

Featuring tall decorated ceilings and soaring greenery, the restaurant's warm and inviting atmosphere is perfect for intimate gatherings or lively celebrations over a selection of Cocktails, Lebanese Wines and Arak. From crisp whites to robust reds, each beverage represents passion and craftsmanship. Let the wild herbs and spices scents transport you to the Mediterranean shores.


Open Daily: 12:30 PM to 11:00 PM