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Emirates Palace's East Beach Club restaurant Las Brisas − Spanish for ‘breezes' − is aptly named. Situated at the edge of the hotel's inviting pool, diners can relax on the terrace and enjoy breath-taking views of the azure Arabian Gulf while relaxing in the gentle sea breeze.

Deliciously perfect for a sunny day of pool or beach-side relaxation, Las Brisas is the ideal place to punctuate your day of relaxation with a bit of nourishment. Leave the city's hustle and bustle behind and let the sounds of the sea soothe your soul while award-winning chefs prepare a vast array of à la carte cuisine, from locally caught seafood dishes to tantalising signature specialities.

Las Brisas provides a tranquil alternative to the hotel's family friendly Cascades Restaurant for individuals and couples seeking silence and poolside relaxation. Surrounded by lush palms and blossoms, guests can relax under the shade of Las Brisas before continuing to soak up the sun.

This is the location for the hotel's Palace on Fridays brunch (every Friday from 12:30 to 4pm), where street food is re-imagined and given the gourmet touch. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, aromas and flavours of the most famous street-food locations from around the world with these reinterpreted street-food recipes. Farm and ocean-fresh ingredients take centre stage as the hotel's master chefs create memorable dishes for you and your family.