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Located in the heart of Saadiyat Island, Antonia aims to offer an idyllic experience from the streets of Rome to the Arabian Gulf with a touch of Nonna’s love. Influenced with a combination of three main drivers; Italian authenticity, modern refinement and a touch of Abu Dhabi’s glamour, the interior design boasts laid back retro vibe - steps away from Soul beach.

Decked out in stripes of black and white, popping cherry red and subtle mint green, Antonia is an expression of the 'la dolce vita experience' with dreamy side afternoons to be spent on the Mamsha promenade with playfully audacious food. On a mission to serve up graciously portioned genuine pastas and a selection of pizzas al taglio with traditional toppings, the beachfront spot accompanies an array of fine yet affordable selections of Italian beverages and Aperitivo.

Hailing from Rome, Antonia al-taglio gourmet pizza slices are baked in rectangular trays, loaded with delicious toppings, displayed on the counter and sold by the square, half-tray or full-tray which allows you to choose from a selection of artisanal pizzas with your favourite combinations. The traditional street food is super versatile and can be eaten whenever and wherever you are, but always and unconditionally with your hands.

The concept, which is driven by Chef and Restaurant Owner, Simone Federici, stems from the tutelage of his grandmother who inspired him to begin his culinary career at the age of 15. Every slice of pizza has been fermented for 72 hours, made with 80% water, rustic Italian flour, olive oil, salt and a proprietary of over 50 year-old sour dough passed through generations.

Antonia’s menu also includes a selection of antipasti, organic salads, Supplì (Rome’s famous street food), sweet and cold pizzas and desserts. Weekly specials include Vongole Mondays, Gnocchi Tuesdays and Sea Urchin Wednesdays - all available only on those days until there’s no more!