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For mouth-watering Emirati and Kuwaiti cuisine, Al Mrzab Popular Restaurant, along Airport Road in Abu Dhabi, is a top choice for residents and visitors alike. The excellent, traditional homemade meals are flavourful, spicy and utterly delicious.

Guests can opt to eat at dining tables or on comfy floor cushions around low tables. The service is great and the food even better. On the menu, you’ll find authentic Emirati dishes such as majbous (mixed rice dish with meat or fish), harees (boiled, cracked, or coarsely-ground wheat porridge, mixed with meat and seasoned) and the restaurant’s special, mixed mutaban – spicy potato wedges stuffed with spiced meat.

They also serve a selection of Kuwaiti fare, from murabyan (rice and shrimp dish) to mutabbaq (bread with egg and spicy meat filling).