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Situated in Abu Dhabi’s majestic Al Dhafra region, Tel Moreeb is considered by many to be the world's tallest sand dune, at over 300 metres high, with its 50-degree incline making it a prime destination for motorsports enthusiasts.

Every February, the region's most powerful four-wheel drives, quad bikes and dirt bikes compete in the Moreeb Hill Climb event, which is part of the Liwa International Festival. It's well worth the trip to Al Dhafra to check this out, especially if you’re looking for an authentic Abu Dhabi experience. The large flat area at the dune’s base is dedicated to competitors and spectators.


Frequently asked questions about Tel Moreeb

The Liwa Tel Moreeb festival normally takes place in the last two weeks of December.

The sand dune of Tel Moreeb stands tall at over 300 metres high with a 50-degree incline.