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Located at the Al Ain Oasis, situated in Abu Dhabi’s lush garden city of Al Ain, about an hour and a half away from the capital, the buildings on the plaza here offer access to the oasis through the West Gate. Pass through the gate, and your visit to the oasis palm grove has begun. The gate itself is a clay-covered concrete structure reminiscent of the old oasis gates, with this newer version already forming part of the historical and monumental identity of the city.

The gate was completed by adding a small, one-story pavilion on each side, housing the ticket office to the right, and the West Gate exhibition to the left. Featuring the same architectural style as the buildings in the square, they boast glass walls, offering views of the lush palm grove.

Inside the entrance of the West Gate, a permanent exhibit offers a close-up look and deeper understanding of the oasis and its surroundings. Journey into the falaj (ancient traditional irrigation system) – the watercourse that flows from the main source down to the palm groves – and discover how this ingenious irrigation system has worked for over 4,000 years.