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If you’re looking to soak up some heritage and history when you visit Abu Dhabi, then a trip to House of Artisans at Qasr Al Hosn is an absolute must.

House of Artisans – a centre that promotes the preservation of the UAE’s rich heritage and crafts created from the land’s natural resources – the desert, the oases, the coast and the sea. The skills of these crafts have been passed down through many generations, and House of Artisans offers training courses, educational workshops and other events to keep these important traditions alive.

Visitors to House of Artisans Abu Dhabi are able to purchase mementoes as well as witness centuries-old skills in action such as Sadu, Khoos and Talli.

The heritage of Abu Dhabi and these traditional, centuries-old skills, is exquisitely showcased and respected at House of Artisans – a must-visit on your next Abu Dhabi trip.