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Recently opened Bassam Freiha Art Foundation (BFAF) emerges as a beacon in Abu Dhabi's Saadiyat Cultural District. Founded by esteemed philanthropist Bassam Freiha, it is the district's sole private art foundation.

BFAF promises a rare glimpse into global art treasures from local, regional, and international private collections. Beyond exhibitions, it fosters cultural and educational endeavours, aspiring to inspire a new wave of art patronage. The inaugural showcase, "Echoes of the Orient", curated by Michaela Watrelot, orchestrates a dialogue between West and East, challenging preconceived notions of orientalist art. This exhibition, alongside "Reclaiming Visions", curated in the annex gallery, showcases the profound works of Sama Alshaibi and Azza Al Qubaisi, echoing the foundation's commitment to historical dialogue and contemporary discourse.

BFAF ignites a cultural renaissance, reclaiming narratives and redefining artistic paradigms.