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Al Qattara Arts Centre plays a unique role in Al Ain's artistic and cultural scene. It is not only a place for people to see art, but also a place to create it. 

The Centre was established in 2011 as a venue where culture and the creative arts can be studied, practiced and developed. It boasts a permanent venue for archaeological and heritage exhibits, and studios for art classes, while the onsite art gallery displays work by expatriate and Emirati artists.  

The Dry Studio is a classroom for learning music and handicrafts, while the Wet Studio offers drawing and painting lessons. The centre is equipped with a Pottery Studio, and a Calligraphy Studio.

The Centre also is one of Al Ain’s leading venues for events, exhibitions and occasions that explore the region’s cultural heritage. 


During the creation of the Qattara Arts Centre, archaeological excavations revealed a five-metre sequence of archaeological layers or ‘horizons’ reaching back from the Late Islamic period to the Iron Age, some 3,000 years ago. The Iron Age industrial installations forming the earliest phase of this sequence are displayed within a specially redesigned basement. On show to the public, these emphasise Al Ain’s incredible archaeological finds and highlight the importance of the area, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, throughout the ages.

The centre offers impressive cultural and artistic programmes covering local artistic traditions and practices perfect for people of all ages. A dry studio is used for a variety of activities, including music classes and art crafting, while a wet studio is available for drawing and painting.

The centre also boasts a fully-equipped pottery studio, a digital room suitable for photography and computer classes, a spacious calligraphy studio, an exhibition hall and a café. Additionally, it includes a gallery and library.