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Al Ain's famous and family-friendly camel market is a wonderful place in which to immerse yourself in traditional, authentic Arab culture – and also take a few fantastic photographs. From young Arabian camels that might grow up to be racers to beautiful adult camels ideal for breeding, the market is a one-of-a-kind experience offering a closer look at the animal that enjoys a special place in Emirati heritage.

The market is located 15km away from downtown Al Ain, Abu Dhabi’s lush garden city and heritage heartland, and is a stark contrast from the big city, with trading taking place in the morning. However, it’s usually possible to see the herded animals all day long.

Visiting travellers are welcome to get up close, attend mock races, take pictures with the camels and watch locals arrive in pickups laden with goats and sheep, ready to do some haggling.


Frequently asked questions about camels in Abu Dhabi

While you can see camels strolling in the desert during desert safaris, the best way to get closer to one is at the Al Ain Camel Market.

Camels have long been an important part of Emirati culture because of their core strength and dependability. Holding a lot of cultural and economic significance, camels were not only used by Bedouins as a mode of transportation to cross the desert but their milk, wool and meat were and is still cherished and widely used.