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Made from the resin of the agarwood tree, oud – known as ‘black gold’ in the perfume industry – has been a valuable commodity throughout history. It was first mentioned in ancient Sanskrit texts around 1500BCE. Today, it’s still a sought-after luxury item, with various types of oud boasting different aromas, but all having a strong, deep scent when burned. You can buy oud as blocks or chips, along with a special burner. Oud oil, however, is the result of a complex extraction process and is popular with Emiratis who use it as a distinctive, long-lasting perfume.

The Emirati-owned brand Yas Perfumes specialises in oud, oud oils and dokhon, all of which are traditional regional scents used as perfume and incense, with a selection of French-blended perfumes on offer as well. Once you’ve found the fragrance you love, browse through an elegant selection of ornate perfume bottles to store your new purchase in. There are several Yas Perfumes branches in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, including in Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi Mall, Emirates Palace and Al Ain Mall.