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Emirati Fusion

Inspired by the emirate's diverse population made up of more than 200 nationalities, Abu Dhabi's culinary scene is an exciting melting pot of vibrant flavours, colourful ingredients and inspiring experiences. It is this gastronomic landscape that has inspired Emirati Fusion, part of the highly successful Emirati Cuisine programme, that will intertwine authentic Emirati cuisine with iconic dishes from other cultures.

These fusion culinary experiences will be created by chefs from some of the emirate’s most loved restaurants, such as Punjab Grill and OSMO Lounge & Bar at Hilton Yas Island.

Each dish has a story, and every bite brings with it a feeling of comfort, excitement and discovery. Tastebuds tantalised? Read on for more...

Chef Don Tilakasiri Jayalal Munasinghe

OSMO Lounge & Bar

Overlooking Yas Bay, one of the newest additions to the emirate's hospitality scene, OSMO Lounge & Bar at Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island, has been getting rave reviews for its unique style, immaculate presentation of its food and the outlet's seamless transition from day to night. And they have been just as unconventional in their interpretation of Emirati Fusion.

International style with an authentic twist

Chef Don Tilakasiri Jayalal Munasinghe obviously has a sweet tooth that is reflected in his interpretation of the Emirati Fusion concept with a quirky drinks and desserts menu. Think sweet sticky Luqaimat cream puffs, light fluffy Gahwa tiramisu and the surprisingly delicate saffron milk cake. Fusion food has never looked (or tasted) so good!

Chef Sandeep Anand

Punjab Grill

Meanwhile, over at Punjab Grill in the Venetian Village, Head Chef Sandeep Anand has really embraced the challenge of fusing his fine dining gourmet Indian food with traditional authentic Emirati flavours and has devised a delightful 4-course tasting menu for AED 350.

Where Indian and Emirati spices collide

Stand-out dishes include the fragrant Emirati spiced Gulf shrimp, sumptious samak machboos and Hyderabadi Oonth ka Kebab (Bani Yas Farm camel meat skewers and wheat porridge) but you can't go wrong with anything on the new menu. Don't just take our word for it though, make sure to pay Punjab Grill a visit to sample some of Chef Sandeep's creations.

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