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Al Nukhba

The Abu Dhabi Convention and Exhibition Bureau’s ‘Al Nukhba’ is a Business Elite Programme to gather like-minded, highly motivated experts across various fields to coordinate efforts to secure convention business for Abu Dhabi.

The Business Elite team is made up of influential, valued experts who act as representatives of the emirate and work with local professionals to advocate for Abu Dhabi with potential inbound international conventions.

Working in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Convention and Exhibition Bureau, the Business Elites − including academics, scientists, researchers, specialists in all fields, doctors, government officials and business leaders − collaborate and bid development strategies aimed at increasing the number of international conventions held in the UAE capital.

As well as becoming a recognised representative of a destination, and working with the Bureau through the entire bidding process, the Business Elite member gains a number of advantages through signing on to the Elite Programme. These include a boost in the member’s reputation and profile within their field of expertise, and elevation of their organisation's reputation.

In addition, benefits include recognition of the Elite’s efforts among local government officials and leaders, a promotion of local expertise to the ambassador’s industry colleagues and the building of a community among the ambassador’s industry within the emirate.

Al Nukhba Application Requirement

Members of the Al Nukhba programme are recruited and enrolled based upon their standing within regionally based organisations and their activity within international associations. Members must maintain the following in order to be considered a member in good standing:

  • Be active in pursuing a bid for an international convention or exhibition
  • Be a member of a regional or international association
  • Attend at least one annual event held for the ambassador members

Do you want to be part of the Business Elite?

To be a part of this exciting and rewarding programme, download the application form and send it to [email protected]