Launched in December 2014, Careem Bike (previously ADCB Bikeshare) was Abu Dhabi’s first bike-share scheme, bought by ride-hailing company, Careem, in 2019. Offering a convenient, green option for trips that are too far to walk but too short to drive, it offers residents and travellers a cost-effective way to see the city while staying healthy, reducing carbon footprint and easing congestion on streets and highways. Super convenient, simply take a bike from one station and return it at another.

Hundreds of European and American cities have implemented bike-sharing systems, with Abu Dhabi fast becoming recognised as a bicycle-friendly city too. The Careem Bike venture has 50 docked bike-share stations throughout the emirate, which run 24-hours a day. Bikes can be found, booked and paid for through the Careem Bike app, as well as through a touch-screen kiosk and a docking system that releases bikes using a ride code or a member key, according to Careem’s website. With annual, monthly, weekly and daily memberships, Careem Bike is an affordable and quick way to get around, whether you’re visiting the city or living here.