2014 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Hospitality Packages

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Various corporate hospitality and individual hospitality offers are available including the Formula One Paddock Club®, Marina Boxes, Yas Viceroy Hotel, Yas Marina Yacht Club and Yas Trackside Terrace.

FORMULA ONE PADDOCK CLUB® (Pit Building of Main Grandstand)
Get the F1® season’s must-have accessory, a Formula One Paddock Club® ticket! Enjoy privileged viewing positions, pit lane walks at specially allotted times, an open bar, gourmet luncheons, VIP parking, and access to the After-Race Concert for that day's ticket

Two day full price: AED 16,900
Three day full price: AED 18,400

MARINA BOXES (Marina Grandstand)
Get some of the finest panoramic views of the track action and Yas Marina Yacht Club. You’ll be seated in the comfort of your very own private box on the first floor of the Marina Grandstand, with access to a dedicated balcony looking out over the race. 

This experience can be bought as a three-day ticket, for a minimum of 40 people, or as a two-day ticket, and is ideal for entertaining corporate clients, or for an outing with a large group of friends. Guests are offered canapés and finger food during the day and a silver service three-course meal before the race. The three-day pass also includes access to the Thursday Public Pit Lane Walk and access to the After-Race Concert for that day's ticket

Two day full price per person: AED 7,950
Three day full price per person: AED 10,850

Enjoy the excitement of the Grand Prix from one of the most breathtaking locations – the Yas Viceroy hotel. Experience the sensation of the Formula 1® cars passing underneath the hotel from your very own 5-star Yas Viceroy suite with private balcony, available for groups of up to 25 or 35 people and access to the After-Race Concerts. Alternatively treat your guests to a luxurious spectator experience on the open Yas Viceroy Terrace with exceptional views of the Yas Marina, or design your own ambiance to entertain your guests with a third corporate offering, Yas Hotel Private Lounge.

(price per person)
(price per person)
(price per person)
 Yas Viceroy Hotel Room Suite AED 12,920 AED 8,210
 Yas Viceroy Hotel Terrace AED 12,920 AED 8,210
 AED 6,250
 Yas Viceroy Hotel Lounge AED 12,920 AED 8,210

With private balconies, the suite offers panoramic track views over the South Grandstand and the marina. Yas Marina Terrace can host up to 80 guests. 

Three day full price per person: AED 14,995

From the first floor terrace of Yas Marina Circuit's Headquarters you can enjoy the excitement of the Grand Prix as the cars pass by less than 10 metres away; alternatively, you can take the elevator to the 7th floor to take in a panoramic 360 degree view of Abu Dhabi and follow the cars from the ultimate elevated viewing position and access to the After-Race Concert for that day's ticket

One day full price per person: AED 6,250
Two day full price per person: AED 8,210
Three day full price per person: AED 12,920

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